What Do I Need To Play Football

Welcome to Tiger Football!!!!

All registered players will receive the following, after fees are paid and $150.00 Equipment Deposited is Submitted

  • Helmet*
  • Chin Strap*
  • Shoulder Pads*
  • Game Pants*
  • Game Pants Belt (can be used for practice pants)*
  • Practice Jersey*
  • Mouthpiece (you may purchase your own, if you desire)

You will need to purchase the following

  • 2018 Season Game Jersey-Yours to Keep(paid on-line at the time of registration or at Equipment Handout)
  • Practice Pants (belt from Game Pants can be used)
  • Integrated Girdle-5 piece recommended.
  • Football Cleats - Black, Gold or White
  • Game Socks: $13 a pair (purchase the first week of practice)

*Must be returned at the end of the season, in order to have deposit check not cashed