Posted Jul 7, 2014

Heads Up Football is USA Football's comprehensive approach for a better, safer game with an emphasis on player safety. As a Certified Heads Up Football League, HYFCA requires all its coaches to be certified also. Heads Up Football was created by USA Football with support from the NFL.

 The program focuses on four key areas - 1) concussion awareness, 2) proper equipment fitting, 3) coaching education and 4) Heads Up Tackling, which aims to take the head out of the line of contact. All of this combines to help make you a more confident, efficient tackler while helping to improve safety.

To learn more watch the  program overview videos and Endorsements Below

Also please view the   5 step-by-step videos .

Heads Up Tackling Overview Video

Heads up Tackling Overview Video #2

Endorsed by the NFL, Roger Goodell Talks About "Heads Up"

John Harbaugh, Rex Ryan, Mavin Lewis ad others talk about The "Heads Up Program"

The Five Step of Breakdown Video
Posted Jul 7, 2014

Increase player safety by reducing the risk of helmet-to-helmet contact without sacrificing skill development

Levels of Contact focuses on varying intensity levels throughout practices to build player confidence, ensure their safety and prevent both physical and mental exhaustion.


Five intensity levels are used to introduce players to practice drills which position them to master the fundamentals and increase skill development.


Step 1 – Breakdown

Step 2 – Buzz

Step 3 – Hit

Step 4 – Shoot

Step 5 - Rip