2021 Game Schedule

Game Schedule be announced in late August.

Inclement Weather Policy
The OJT program will have practice in most weather conditions. We follow the MSHSAA (Missouri State High School Activities Association) guidelines regarding practices, as do our league referees. Additionally we watch the weather radar, in our area, to keep abreast of the situation. We want to maintain a safe environment for all.

If the weather warrants practice being canceled ahead of time, we will make the decision by 530, and immediately send out a text from Team Connect.

If we are at practice and the weather necessitates the cancellation of practice, we will send out a text to come get your child. If we feel the weather poses a risk, we will move to the inside of school. In this case, players should be picked up, in the front of OHS. Always drive by practice field first and then to the front of OHS.

Please make sure you signed up on Team Connect to receive text messaging
Elite Football Opportunity for Oakville Players

As promised, we have worked with Elite 360/Elite Football to come up with an awesome discounted football training program! This is an amazing deal for Oakville players ONLY!!!!

Please review the attached flier regarding this offer. The ability to train at this facility with this kind of pricing happens rarely. I've sent many players to Elite and this is the best I've seen. Also, note the available training times. They are making this work for OJT.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity to take your boy to the next playing level, please let me know. I will take you through the next steps.

What a great Christmas gift this would make for your player. A great chance to work out with the best in St. Louis football training AND keeping them active during these slow times. Go for it!

Let me know if you have any questions and Go Tigers!

Oakville Elite Football 360 2021 Special.pdf

Coach Rob Tucker


Welcome to Tiger Football

Registration for the 2021 Season Opens in the Spring!!!

Tackle Football Grades: 5 - 8


-Aug 2 - Mid Nov: Regular Season Practices: Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays: 6-730pm*

*As daylight changes, practice times may begin and end earlier.


Games are on Saturdays & Sundays at various times: TBA, once the schedule is finalized.

Cost to Play

The cost of the program is $275 for registration and $60 for a game jersey, (players keep their game jerseys). The total cost is $335.00, which must be paid at the time of registration, on-line.

Fundraising & Work Duty Requirements

All player families are required* to participate in Fundraising AND at least 2 Work Duty assignments for the OJT program.

Fundraising: There will be a TJ's Pizza Fundraiser, at the beginning of the season (Date: TBA). All families are required to sell a minimum of $175 Worth of T.J's Products.

All families must submit a $175.00 Fundraising deposit check at the time of equipment handout. If you do not participate in the fundraiser, your check will be cashed.

* A family may choose to opt out of fundraising by paying $175.00. This fee must be paid by August 1.. There are no exceptions.

Work Duty: Each family will be required to complete a Work Duty Assignment. This may include assisting w/Apparel Sales, Chain Gang, Banquet Committee, and/or Misc. Tasks (TBA). If you cannot fulfill this expectation, you must find someone to fill in for you.

Equipment Distribution (DATE: TBA).

In order to receive your equipment, you must submit 3 checks or cash for the following:

-$150.00 Equipment Deposit Check (cashed if you do not return the equipment).

-$175.00 Work Duty Deposit Check (cashed if you do not complete your work duty assignment).

-$175.00 Fundraising Deposit Check (cashed if you do not submit a TJ's pizza order for sales of a min. of $175.00).


Registration will open in the spring. Watch for the website for when this wiill happens.

Confirmation of Registration

Once your registration is submitted, you will receive confirmation and receipt you can print for your records. Additionally, you will be contacted via email, by your grade level team representative, who will apprise you of the upcoming happenings.

If you have problems or issues with the registration process, please contact Nancy Tucker at 314-412-3009.

We look forward to your participation with the Junior Tiger Football Program.

Who We Are and What We Do

Oakville Junior Tiger Football

Mission Statement

A TIGER Tradition since 1998. The Mission of the OJT is to teach children the fundamental skills of football, while implementing and encouraging good sportsmanship, honesty, integrity, courage and loyalty for oneself and others; and for all Oakville Jr athletes, parents, and spectators to follow the rules of the game


The OJT program was founded in 1998 as an independent, organization dedicated to sponsoring youth football teams for middle school-aged children, in the Oakville High School area.

The Association could not exist without the encouragement and support provided by the Oakville High School football program and the Mehlville School District. However, the Oakville Junior Tiger program is not funded nor staffed by the Mehlville School District.

OJT Calendar
2021 Team Reps

8th Grade: Lisa Delzeit 314-785-269-7794 or lisadelzeit@gmail.com

7th Grade: Open-Please contact Nancy Tucker at 314-412-3009, if you are interested or want to know more about it.

5th/6th: Open-Please contact Nancy Tucker at 314-412-3009, if you are interested or want to know more about it.

Team Connect Invite

When you registered your child for football, you received an email to join Team Connect. This is our communications system that allows you to receive text messaging updates and information. For any of you baseball families, it is similar to Team Snap. Team Connect will be our primary method of communications for your individual team.

Once you accept the invite, you will be able to get the app for your phone. You can access rosters, game schedules, and etc. You may also add friends or family members that will assist you with transportation to practices and/or games. Please accept this invite as soon as you can. With the weather in St. Louis, you never know when there will be a last-minute change and Team Connect will keep you notified.

Please contact Nancy Tucker @ 314-412-3009 if you have any issues accessing Team Connect.

Oakville Junior Tiger Football
The Oakville Junior Tiger Football Program (OJT) is independent of and not affiliated with, nor sponsored by the Mehlville School District, the MSD Board of Education, USA Football and/or The Park Rock Football League. The views, opinions and programs of OJT, therefore do not necessarily represent those of Mehlville School district l. Any issues or concerns need to be addressed through the OJT Program Director.